Starter Package



enAuthor™ allows for the simple creation and maintenance of web site content. No knowledge of programming is required to use this tool making it easy to keep your site up-to-date.
  • Multiple authors can add content at the same time
  • Authors may be limited to the topics they can modify
  • Postings can be scheduled to appear and be removed
  • Content is added through customized forms making it easy for authors to add text, images, or other files
  • Text is entered using a WYSIWYG editor


Specifically designed for sports-related web sites. enResult™ allows schedules to be posted and scores to be entered for matches by coaches and score reporters while updating the standings automatically
  • If reported scores do not match, reporting clubs are asked to verify their reports via e-mail
  • When a schedule changes, e-mails are automatically sent to coaches, club representatives, and league officials
  • If "blow-outs", an e-mail may be sent to the offending coach and club for an explaination